Inside each of us are beautiful worlds, personal insights and great ideals. Maybe, it’s a fanciful fairy-tale full of dragons and heroes on horseback, or it could be a swashbuckling pirate adventure on the high-seas. Perhaps, it's a personal experience that ended too quickly, but still had a lasting impact on you. Maybe it's an idea for a new product, or maybe it’s a simple process improvement. The point is, we all have these untold stories inside of us.

Often, we don’t even know the stories are inside us. We move through our daily lives unaware of the greatness hidden in our memories. Even if we are aware of the story, we don’t know the whole story or how to express it. Either way, the stories we carry stay hidden away.

Now, stop and think for just a moment. Think of the relationships we could build with others. Think of all the lessons we could learn. Think of how much healthier, safer and more beautiful our world could be, if only there was a way to let out all these stories.

Brick@Heart envisions a world where everybody’s story gets told. We desire to see the beauty of these stories on full display. We dream of a world made better by the stories that live inside each of us.


But how do you let these stories out?

The solution can be found in what is often considered a child’s toy. Many of us grew up building and playing with plastic construction bricks. And, even if you didn’t have any as a child, you probably knew somebody who did. Little did you know that those bricks were more than pieces of a police station or the home to little space men. Those little plastic bricks are the means for expressing all the stories inside each of us.

It’s been known for quite a few years that there is a special connection between our hands and our brains. When you count the pathways that run from our brains to other parts of our bodies, the hands have substantially more connections than any other part. It’s because of these numerous connections that our hands are a great way to stimulate our brain and release the stories waiting inside of us. What better way to use our hands than by telling our stories using plastic construction bricks.

It is the mission of Brick@Heart to shine a light on the potential of plastic construction bricks, and to facilitate the telling of every person's story.


David Snyder, Brick@Heart's Owner

David Snyder, Owner - Dave has been certified in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method since September 2019. Besides using LEGO® professionally, Dave is also an Adult Fan of LEGO, or AFOL. He regularly builds official LEGO® sets, as well as designs and builds his own creations. He is a member of the Kenosha LEGO® User Group, where he serves as the groups representative on the LEGO® Ambassador Network, LAN.